R1 Rearview Mirror for Backup Camera

Model#: MR-1000

Rearview mirror replacement w/ auto-dimming LCD. Includes dual-video inputs for connecting to a rear or front camera.

MSRP: $249.99

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Add Backup Cam to Any Vehicle

The Momento R1 mirror can be added to most vehicles, meaning that you can make any car, truck, or SUV safer to drive WITHOUT having to purchase a new car!

How It Works

The Momento R1 works exactly like backup cameras sold in newer vehicles - except instead of a separate screen, the R1 has a built-in LCD that is connected to cameras installed at the front and rear of your vehicle.

While you are driving normally, the Momento R1 screen remains off until you shift into reverse gear.

Eyes Behind Your Car

When you shift into reverse gear, the Momento R1 screen comes to life, showing you what is happening at the front and rear of your vehicle.

The Momento R1 also has parking lines to provide guidance when approaching a nearby object.

Environment Sensor

The R1 mirror has a hidden environment sensor that will automatically adjust the brightness of the LCD in different lighting.

In addition, if the R1 mirror is connected to a Momento C3 camera, the LEDs on the camera will adjust to the external lighting.

Dual Video Inputs

The Momento R1 has "auto-switching" inputs that will automatically display the rear camera on the LCD when you are in reverse gear, and your front camera if you switch back to drive gear. You can also manually activate the rear camera by pressing the "M" button on the R1.

Trust the Pros

Momento systems require professional installation at an authorized dealer. Momento is available at over 1,500 retail locations with expert installers who will make sure your system is installed properly! Contact a dealer near you today.

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Full Feature List

Touch screen icon

4.3" Auto-Dimming LCD

Dual Auto-Switching Video Inputs

Adjustable Parking Lines

Backup Camera

Front Camera

Hidden Environment/Light Sensors

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Works with Most Vehicles

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3-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

What's Included

R1 Replacement Mirror
R1 Harness Kit
Mounting Tool
4 Mounting Adapters


Compare Cams

Mirror Dimensions

10.5" x 3.2"

LCD Screen Size

4.3" TFT LCD

LCD Resolution

480 x 272

Aspect Ratio

16 x 9

Power Consumption

3.6W (Active)
0.5W (Standby)

Power Supply

DC 12V


1,000 cd/m2

Dual Video Inputs

AV1 - Front Cam Input
AV2 - Rear Cam Input


3-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Compatible Accessories

C1 (MR-C100)
C2 (MR-C200)
C3 (MR-C300)
S1 (MR-S100)

Vehicle Compatibility

Momento dash camera systems are compatible with 100% of vehicles. Check your vehicle today!