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What is #MomentoIRL?

#MomentoIRL (“in real life”) is an opportunity to share your craziest, coolest, and most exciting real-life experiences caught with a Momento dash camera!

If you have a Momento dash camera and have recorded exciting footage, submit your video today for a chance to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card!

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What We Are Looking For

  • Front and/or Rear footage of an exciting on-road event; anything from stunts, animal crossings, near-misses, and yes, even accidents.
  • Well-lit, easy to understand video footage.
  • Description of the event from your perspective.
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How to Submit

  1. Remove the micro-SD memory card from your Momento dash camera and plug it into your computer.
  2. Use the Momento Viewing Software or VLC to export the video file that you’d like to submit.
  3. Read our Terms and Conditions for submission.
  4. Submit your video and information using the Submission Form below!

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Where can I submit my video for #MomentoIRL consideration?
Where are the Terms + Conditions for submission? Terms and Conditions for the #MomentoIRL contest can be found here.
What kind of video content can I submit? Great question. Any of the following videos will be considered for the #MomentoIRL contest. Driving Footage – Driving through a beautiful landscape? Let us see what you see! Wild Encounters – Who doesn’t love animals? Send us your footage of animal crossings! Near-Misses – Ever experience a close one? Show us your near-miss! Accidents – Accidents and crashes happen. We will carefully review these submissions to confirm that we would not infringe on anyone’s reasonable expectation for privacy. And more! – Think you have something cool to share? Send it over!
How do I submit my Momento dash cam video? You can export your Momento dash cam video files by following these directions.
I don’t own a Momento dash cam, but I have some cool footage. Can I submit that? We strongly prefer videos recorded on Momento dash cameras. That said, if your video submission is consistent with the image quality that Momento dash cameras offer, we would consider your submission.
I found a cool dash cam video on the internet, can I submit that? The #MomentoIRL contest is exclusively for Momento dash cam customers who personally own the footage they are submitting. Please do not submit other people’s videos, as we will be able to easily detect whether something has been ripped off the internet.
What kind of video content will NOT be considered? The following video content will not be considered for the #MomentoIRL contest. Any video that is promotional in nature of a product, brand, or person. Any video that is intentionally violent or aggressive in nature. Any video that prominently shows the faces of children younger than the age of 18. Any video that is graphic or violent in nature. If someone is seriously hurt in your video, we will not consider your video. Any video that is offensive in any way. Firstech embraces people of all backgrounds and will not tolerate behavior that is offensive towards another person.
My video shows people’s faces and/or license plates. Can I still submit it? As the Firstech Marketing team reviews your video footage, we will determine whether or not a video could be modified to be respectful of people’s privacy. If possible, Firstech will blur out license plates and people’s faces. If your video consists of too many faces or license plates, we may have to decline it. But we will do what we can to make sure your video is both awesome and respectful of other’s privacy.
Just got my license and my Momento dash camera. Can I submit content? Yes, but only if you are 18 years or older. If you are under the age of 18, you will not be eligible for this contest.
How will I know whether my video was selected for #MomentoIRL? You will be notified via e-mail if your video is selected. It is VERY important that you enter your correct e-mail so that we can contact you. Please note: if you provide an invalid e-mail and your video is selected, Firstech reserves the right to still use your video. Upon approval, we will follow up shortly with your $50 Amazon Gift Card! Happy shopping.